DSKM is the Danish specialist scientific society for clinical microbiology. Physicians with an interest in clinical microbiology and other academics employed at a clinical microbiology department or other department with human-medical microbiology as their main area of ​​work are welcome to become members.

The society is a member of the Organization of Danish Medical Societies (LVS).

DSKM aims to promote development within the field of human clinical microbiology.

DSKM advises the Danish Health Authority on Clinical Microbiology issues and is consultative in matters of relevance to the subject.

The society plans and coordinates specialty specific courses under specialist medical education and formulates the professional profile of clinical microbiology. DSKM participates in the appointment of doctors in mainstream positions in the field.

DSKM organizes scientific meetings for members.

DSKM has set up various working groups whose purpose it is through research and cooperation to provide, gather and communicate new knowledge within each area.

The working groups are invited to contribute professional guidelines and common quality standards. See more under “Society” and “Working Groups”.